Axes Metaverse Based on the actual image of the situation of the virtual currency field created. For this, we carry out the referral project where everyone has the possibility of earning 40% of bnb for each invited referral.

When the Farm system activates and then the Axes Metaverse system is updated into the game. Holders will collect from these sources.

  • Project Planning and Research
  • Smart Contract Creation
  • Fund Raising
  • Influencer marketing
  • Play test game
  • Launch metaverse website
  • Build community
  • Design tokenomics
  • Community Growth
  • Launch on PancakeSwap!
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Game asset offering (GAO): Hero chests
  • Launch marketplace v0.1
  • Launch the testnet version for partners
  • Design P2E modes: dungeon, auto battler, conquests
  • Game asset offering (GAO): Items
  • Initial decentralized offering (IDO)
  • Community test
  • Game mechanics and P2E economy optimization
  • Reveal NFT Heroes and Items
  • Enlist in Gate
  • Enlist in MEXC
  • Enlist in Binance
  • Celebrity Partnership

Why choose us

Liquidity blocked for 3 years

Get 40% BNB per Referral

After the airdrop will be able to get through the game

The AXES building work is gradually being completed

Game token community

Axes Metaverse ($AXES): Build from the AXES team. Axes Metaverse Let's build together to achieve Reaching 5000 Holder will update more images.